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Miracle Monday- Meet Robyn

At only three months old, Robyn was diagnosed with Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome – she had only three heart chambers, 13 fingers, short arms, short legs, and a small chest cavity. She has undergone a whopping EIGHT surgeries since 2008, including three heart surgeries, two double knee surgeries, two oral surgeries, and the removal of three extra fingers.

Robyn spent time in the Freeman Health System Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after birth, has received pediatric physical therapy, and sees her Freeman pediatrician Dr. Paul Petry- whom she loves!

This girl is truly something special! Robyn always has a positive attitude and is willing to help others. She shows others not to not let life get you down and that anything and everything is possible. Your support helps make miracles happen for Robyn and her family!