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Freeman Health System Welcomes an Exciting New Program!

Your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Freeman Health System, is proud to announce our newest program, The Freeman Cuddler Program. The Freeman Cuddler Program consists of a team of volunteers striving to make a positive impact on our smallest patients by providing soothing touch and comfort during their hospital stay, while their families are unable to be present.

Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are often in the hospital for weeks or months, and while their families would love to be with them the entire time; some have other children at home, need to return to work or live far from the hospital. While they cannot be with their baby, the Cuddler Team offers positive human touch to comfort these tiny patients.

Volunteers are required to complete the following:

  • Interview & selection process
  • Pass background check & drug screen
  • Be up to date on immunizations/titers & flu shot
  • Complete on-boarding with the Cuddler Coordinator, Volunteer Services Program Manager and NICU staff.
  • Be between 21 & 70 years of age

Questions? Contact Karen Graham, Cuddler Coordinator, by phone 417.347.3922 or email